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Stormcore 60D+ Electric Skateboard Motor Controller

Stormcore 60D+ Electric Skateboard Motor Controller

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The Stormcore 60D+ electric skateboard motor controller is legendary for its smooth and powerful performance that is as predictable as it is pleasant. And because it's a VESC based controller with a built-in bluetooth module, it can easily be configured using FreeSK8 Mobile, Vesc Tool, or other VESC compatible configuration software right from your phone.

The battery level indication on the included power button displays as colors ranging from green to red, so you'll always know how much battery you have. This can come in handy on night rides. 

Other features include UART port for telemetry or remote receivers, PWM port for remote receivers, can bus for additional device connectivity, button port for included battery level color coded button, USB-C port for hard-line programming device connectivity, and a full voltage output for battery level indicators, and threaded bolt holes on the bottom of the heatsink for mounting to compatible component plates or external heat sinks. 

On the rear of the unit are 6 12AWG high strand count silicone insulated phase leads with 4mm motor connectors. Sensor ports between the phase leads support sensor equipped motors for smooth and quiet FOC performance. 

Recommended maximum settings per motor

These settings are the highest supported settings and apply to each motor. Not every board will need to use settings this high. Settings should always be configured appropriately for the individual build and components involved. 

Motor Control type FOC
Motor Max 75a
Motor Min -70a
Absolute Max Current 200a
Battery Max 65a
Battery Min -20a
Voltage Cutoffs 60D+ (12S max) 40.5v Soft , 36.5v Hard
Voltage Cutoffs 100Dx (18S max) 61.2v Soft , 54v Hard
Motor Temp Cutoff Start 110c
Motor Temp Cutoff End 120c



  • 4mm Female Bullet motor connectors
  • JST PH 2mm Sensor Ports, UART port, CAN bus port, button port, battery voltage port
  • JST XH 2.5mm PWM port with standard RC connector adapter
  • XT-90 battery connector
  • USB-C configuration port for laptop or tablet connectivity
  • 2 x unthreaded bolt holes located on sides
  • 4 x threaded bolt holes located on bottom
  • VESC compatible
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • iOS/Android FreeSK8 Mobile, VESC Tool, and other configuration app compatibility


Dimensions do not include motor cables.

  • Maximum Width: 132mm
  • Maximum Length: 70mm
  • MAximum Depth: 23mm


What's in the box

  • 1 x Stormcore 60d+
  • 1 x Power button with color coded battery level display
  • 1 x PWM adapter

Defiant: One Review

Defiant: One Review