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Defiant: One - The Intersection of Science and Electric Skateboarding

Defiant: One - The Intersection of Science and Electric Skateboarding

In the world of electric skateboarding, technology never stands still. From the wheels and trucks to the boards themselves, every component has evolved, continually pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities. One such groundbreaking development is the Defiant: One, an electric longboard from the Defiant Board Society that is making waves in the e-skating scene for its high speed and performance.

Defying the Conventional: The Birth of Defiant: One

The journey to creating the Defiant: One was anything but conventional. We as passionate riders at Defiant Board Society saw the potential for an e-skateboard that could challenge the norms, defy expectations, and elevate the sport to a new level. Every step of the way, from design to assembly, was marked by unwavering dedication and the will to transcend boundaries. Through relentless trial and iteration, we merged the latest in e-skate technology with rider-centric design, culminating in the creation of an electric skateboard that stands a class apart. 

damon wood electric skateboard


The result of this relentless pursuit of innovation was the Defiant: One, a board that has changed the e-skating game by setting new standards of power, speed, and control. Indeed, the Defiant: One is not just a product, but a testament to our commitment to pushing the limits of possibility in the world of electric skateboarding.

Power Unleashed: The Heart of Defiant: One Electric Skateboard

The Defiant: One gets its incredible power from a 12S5P Molicel P42A battery pack, segmented into p-group pairs with a smart Battery Management System (BMS). This setup is far from average and is the fruit of meticulous research and development.

The Molicel P42A pack delivers a potent punch of power, ensuring that the Defiant: One can outperform most of its competitors. This power pack is designed to maximize efficiency, delivering more range, and ensuring a smoother, safer ride.

defiant one electric longboard battery


The intelligent BMS provides an additional layer of safety and efficiency. It continually monitors and balances the voltage across the battery pack, prolonging the battery's life and preventing damage from overcharge or discharge. It's this combination of raw power and intelligent management that sets the Defiant: One apart.

Harnessing the Power: The Stormcore 60D and Davega Telemetry

Power is nothing without control, and this is where the intricate interplay between the Stormcore 60D and the integrated Davega telemetry comes into play. The Stormcore 60D, a state-of-the-art Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), is the beating heart of the Defiant: One. This critical component acts as the "brain" of the board, regulating power distribution, and therefore controlling everything from the seamless acceleration to the responsive braking. This is the core element that transforms raw power into refined performance.

The sophistication of the Stormcore 60D is complemented by the innovative Davega telemetry system. This comprehensive onboard data collector and display unit constantly monitors and presents key metrics about the board's performance. Think of it as the Defiant: One's personal dashboard, offering information including speed, distance traveled, battery life, and much more. It also tracks the lifespan of individual components, aiding in maintenance and extending the lifespan of the board.

defiant one davega


The Davega is not just a tool, but a companion that speaks the language of the board. It gives riders the knowledge they need to optimize their ride and push their limits safely. This immediate access to crucial data allows for real-time adjustments to riding style or route, which in turn enhances both the safety and enjoyment of the journey. It reassures riders that they're in control, and that the board is performing optimally under their command. This synergy between power and control, between Stormcore 60D and Davega, truly sets the Defiant: One apart in the electric skateboarding landscape.

defiant one davega speed


Further, both these components' advanced technologies also speak volumes about our commitment at Defiant Board Society to ensuring an unrivaled riding experience. By incorporating these high-tech features into the Defiant: One, we strive to give riders not just a tool for transport, but an engaging partner for their e-skating adventures.

The Driving Force: Customized Maytech 6396 190KV Motors

The Defiant: One is propelled by not one but two customized Maytech 6396 190KV motors. These powerhouses were specifically chosen for their high-speed capabilities, enabling the Defiant: One to reach an impressive top speed of up to 38 mph. These motors are like the heart and soul of the board, translating electrical energy into a thrilling ride every time you step on it. They have been uniquely customized to complement the board's overall design, augmenting its performance by offering high torque even at high speeds. This means riders can enjoy an effortless, smooth acceleration, which truly sets Defiant: One apart.

One of the defining features of these motors is their innate ability to conquer steep slopes, providing an uncompromised riding experience regardless of the terrain. The extra torque comes in handy when facing those challenging uphill battles, ensuring that no path is ever off-limits for a Defiant: One rider.

defiant one electric skateboard motor


Additionally, these motors embody durability and resilience. They are designed to perform in high-stress scenarios, showing no signs of strain or overexertion even after prolonged rides. An efficient heat dissipation mechanism ensures that the motors stay cool under pressure, reducing the risk of overheating and thereby increasing the motors' lifespan. This durability, combined with the high performance, ensures that Defiant: One's ride is not only exhilarating but also reliable, creating a perfect harmony of power, endurance, and practicality.

Designed for Speed and Control: Custom Specs

The physical aspects of the Defiant: One further contribute to its exceptional performance. The board features Boardnamics-designed 280mm hangars on adjustable baseplates. These baseplates offer three-degree positions: 50, 43, and 36 degrees, allowing riders to customize their ride according to their preferred style, providing an unmatched balance between speed and control.

The deck itself is a custom-designed 46" 9ply maple masterpiece. This deck is designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and control, with a 1" drop and a 10 3/4" width that ensure stability, even at high speeds, with plenty of stance space.

defiant one electric skateboard wheel

To top it all off, the board is equipped with Boa Constrictor 100mm wheels and Zealous built-in bearings. These high-quality components provide a smooth ride and excellent grip, enabling the Defiant: One to glide over a variety of surfaces effortlessly.

Looking to the Future of Eskate: Constant Innovation

At Defiant Board Society, we believe in continuous improvement and innovation. We're committed to making our custom parts available to the DIY e-skate community and are always exploring ideas for future mods and upgrades. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to push the boundaries of e-skating technology.

defiant one skateboard deck


Not Just An Electric Skateboard

The Defiant: One is more than just an electric skateboard. It's a testament to what can be achieved when a passion for e-skating meets a commitment to innovation and excellence. And we're just getting started.

The next time you hop on an electric skateboard, think of the incredible technology beneath your feet. Appreciate the science that allows you to glide effortlessly across the pavement, and remember the passionate people who continue to redefine the boundaries of possible.

Whether you're an e-skate veteran or a curious newbie, there's never been a more exciting time to join the e-skating revolution. Come join us on this electrifying ride into the future. Order The Defiant: One now.

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