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Defiant: One Electric Skateboard – The Next Big Thing in High-Speed E-Skating

Defiant: One Electric Skateboard – The Next Big Thing in High-Speed E-Skating

Defying Expectations with Defiant: One

Welcome to the new age of electric skateboarding with the Defiant: One, a cutting-edge electric longboard designed and built by the Defiant Board Society. As passionate riders ourselves, we understand the need for power, performance, and practicality in an electric skateboard.

We've created Defiant: One to not only meet but exceed these needs, to present a revolution in e-skate technology. The Defiant: One is truly a testament to our commitment to challenging conventions and surpassing expectations, reflecting our rider-centric approach in every detail.

Creating the Defiant: One

Over the past year, we've embarked on an exhilarating journey. As riders crafting solutions for other riders, we've dedicated ourselves to creating an electric skateboard that can outperform the rest. We started by ordering parts, assembling components, and collaborating with vendors and manufacturers.

defiant one electric skateboard assembly

It's been an adventurous journey, one that challenged us to our limits and made us push the boundaries of what's achievable. It's a journey of passion, commitment, and defiance, culminating in the creation of the Defiant: One electric skateboard.

Defiant: One - The Powerhouse of Performance

How did we achieve such impressive power and performance with Defiant: One? The answer is all about the technology. Our board is equipped with a 12S5P Molicel p42a pack, which is segmented into p-group pairs with a smart BMS. This design ensures maximum efficiency and safety, allowing riders to focus on their journey rather than their equipment.

Powered by a Stormcore 60D and integrated with Davega telemetry, the Defiant: One truly embodies advanced electric longboard technology. It's the perfect blend of power, precision, and innovation, crafted with the modern rider in mind.

defiant one electric skateboard battery

The Speed Factor: Breaking Boundaries

Defiant: One is not just any electric skateboard; it's a 38 mph electric skateboard. Propelled by customized Maytech 6396 190KV motors, this high-speed electric skateboard takes e-skating to the next level. It allows riders to explore new limits, to feel the thrill of speed like never before.

From exhilarating speeds to remarkable handling, Defiant: One redefines the boundaries of what's possible. It's the electric skateboard designed for those who dare to defy, who desire the extraordinary.

Defiant: One Features Custom Designed Specs

The Defiant: One is packed with carefully selected and custom-designed features, each contributing to an exceptional e-skating experience. Boardnamics designed 280mm hangars on adjustable baseplates allow riders to customize their riding style, providing unmatched control and flexibility.

Coupled with a custom-designed 46" 9ply maple deck, it provides the perfect balance between comfort and control. Every aspect of the Defiant: One, from the bearings to the grip, is meticulously designed with riders in mind. This is our commitment to offering an electric skateboard that not only performs but excels.

The Riding Experience: Embrace the Ultimate E-skating

Defiant: One is about more than just getting from point A to point B; it's about the journey. With VESC integrated for optimized power management, Defiant: One ensures smooth and efficient performance throughout your ride. Whether you're cruising through city streets or zipping down winding paths, this electric longboard will deliver a ride like no other. Defiant: One is an invitation to embrace the freedom of the open road, to feel the thrill of speed and the joy of riding in its purest form.

Sustainability and Future Plans

Being a company made by riders, for riders, we understand the importance of continuous innovation and the need to cater to a variety of preferences. In line with this, we are committed to making our custom parts available to the DIY community. We're exploring ideas for future mods and upgrades to give you even more freedom and customization options.

defiant one electric skateboard wheels

The Defiant: One is just the start. We are excited to keep defying expectations and setting new standards in the world of electric skateboarding.

Your Invitation to Defy the Ordinary

The Defiant: One isn't just another high-tech gadget – it's a statement, a testament to our passion for innovation and performance. As riders, we believe in the power of electric skateboarding to transform the way we explore the world.

The Defiant: One is our invitation to you, fellow riders, to join us in this transformation. Get ready to redefine your e-skating adventures with the ultimate 38 mph electric skateboard. Defy the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. Experience the Defiant: One.

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